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Self-regenerating Power Box Syetems and Generators!

The power box supply AC and DC power to be used at almost any location. The power box will connect to a vehicles alternator to be charged while you drive. The power box will supply power, while the vehicle is running are not running. The alternator of the vehicle supplies power, while the vehicle is running and also is storing power in the power box to be used when the vehicle is not running. The power box would supply power to all your tools, electrical equipment, appliances, etc. The power box can be connected to the vehicles  battery and starter to start and stop the engine using a timer to keep the power box battery charged. If camping or in an RV, the power box will keep power coming for air-conditioning, refrigerator etc. U.S. Patent  # 7989980, Below are pictures of prototypes let us build a power box or generator for you. See all videos and then E/mail or call !
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The generator produces AC power to use for what you need high loads, the generator also stores power in a power cell, which will be converted with an inverter to AC power to be used when the generator is not running.  After running the generator for a short time, using high loads, you can now use to stored power in the power cell, which produces now DC power and AC power from the inverter to run electrical appliances, Power tools etc. You can get power for hours without running the generator or using fuel.
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